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Letter sent to the Chairs of the six Parliamentary EU Committees

Dear xxxx


Summary: It is almost 18 months since the advisory EU referendum, and there is still no comprehensive official summary of the likely costs, benefits and risks.

We, the undersigned, write to you in your capacity as Chair of the xxxx Committee.

Following huge pressure in the Commons, the Secret Impact Assessments are to be released – but ”eventually”, and may well be heavily redacted or amended before eventual disclosure.

The pretext is given by DexEU that the documents may contain information of use to the so-called “enemy”. This is disingenous nonsense. The European Council is perfectly capable of making its own assessments of the effect of Brexit on the UK’s economy and socio-political environment, and has already done so: March 2017, An Assessment of the Economic Impact of Brexit, prepared for the European Parliament, attached here and viewable at

We urge to you to demand full disclosure of the Assessments, and that disclosure shall be immediate.

We also urge you to demand from DexEU and the Minister that by 23rd December 2017 they publish a single comprehensive summary of the likely costs, benefits and risks of exit from the EU. This should be in two forms:

  1. A full summary, listing all costs, including for example:
    The estimated Account of around £40-50 billion to the EU
    Additional Civil Service and other support facilities such as customs, ports etc.
    Lost tax revenue
    Lost exports
    Estimated loss in GDP per annum over the next 10 years
  2. A short summary of not more than 1500 words suitable for publication in the media and easily understandable by the average voter.

We are confident that in your role as Chair of the Committee you will agree with the urgent necessity for this.

Yours sincerely.

Richard Bird, MA (Cantab) Director, Action for Europe.
with 10 co-signatories.